Capital City® Names Stan Scott as Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

February 28, 2024

Capital City® Names Stan Scott as Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Scott joins Capital City® from Amazon, where he was a Senior Account Manager for its Black Business Accelerator Program 

Washington, D.C. — Feb. 28, 2024 — Capital City®, the official wing sauce of Washington D.C., proudly announces the appointment of Stan Scott as its new Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, effective from the outset of 2024.

Scott most recently served as a Senior Account Manager for the Amazon Black Business Accelerator Program, where he played a critical role in accelerating the growth of Black business owners and brands. While at Amazon, Scott’s leadership expertise was crucial and used across all facets of the business, including sales, marketing, operations, and strategic financial planning. Prior to Amazon, Scott’s professional experience includes 17-plus years leading DEI workforce management initiatives, where he offered essential professional advice and mentorship to grow minority-led companies. Now, departing from the corporate realm, Scott has fully immersed himself in the intricate workings of an emerging Black-owned enterprise. Assuming a hands-on, strategic role within a venture he passionately supports, he is poised to effect meaningful change from the inside out.

“Capital City's journey has been one of resilience and determination. From our humble beginnings in 2011 without a full-time salesperson to our remarkable organic growth, every milestone has been a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence," said Arsha Jones, CEO & Co-Founder of Capital City®. "With Stan's expertise and dedication now driving us forward, we're poised to chart an even more focused course toward expansion, amplifying our impact and sharing our passion for authentic flavor experiences with even more communities."

Capital City® is a Black woman-owned business, operated by co-founder Arsha Jones. She and her late husband, Charles Jones, discovered opportunity in the lack of authentic mambo sauce in the suburbs, and committed to creating a mouthwatering sauce that captures the essence of Washington, D.C. More than a decade later, Capital City® has expanded beyond Jones’ home kitchen and into the hands of customers across the country. Scott’s role as the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Capital City® is a dynamic one, involving both high-level business leadership and the ability to have a tangible impact on the community. He will be responsible for bridging the gap between Capital City’s partnerships and business development. 

To accomplish this, Scott will be tasked with managing current partnerships, which include Baltimore Orioles, Washington Nationals, DC United, Washington Commanders, Washington Wizards, Walmart, Target, Costco and Military Commissaries. What’s more, Scott will be tasked with seeking new opportunities, growing sales, expanding beyond the foundation established in the D.C. metro area, exploring new sales channels and pursuing creative ways to help raise Capital City's profile as a nationally recognized and respected condiment brand.

"In witnessing Capital City's entrepreneurial journey as a Black, woman-owned venture in the food industry, I'm struck by their unwavering dedication to customer obsession and community commitment," expressed Scott. "Approaching their 13th year, Capital City attains milestones beyond many small businesses' dreams."

In welcoming Stan Scott as Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Capital City® enters a new phase of growth and innovation. Scott's extensive experience and commitment to community empowerment align perfectly with the company's values. With Scott's leadership and the support of partners and customers, Capital City® is poised for continued success and impact. Together, they embark on a journey of growth, expansion, and authentic flavor experiences while making meaningful contributions to communities.

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About Capital City
Established in 2011, Capital City, LLC was created to give Washington, D.C., metropolitan natives a taste of home. Capital City is a specialty foods manufacturer based just miles outside of D.C. that produces a regional cult-like chicken wing condiment called mambo sauce. 

Mambo sauce is a sweet, sticky and tangy chicken wing condiment created and offered only in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Capital City's flagship product, Mild mambo sauce, is the first commercially bottled alternative for those who love the taste of mambo sauce but no longer have access to it or simply prefer to eat their meals at home.

Capital City's mambo sauce is used at several restaurant locations as their "house" wing sauce and can be found at various retail locations in the Washington, D.C. area, nationally across the United States and internationally at military commissaries.

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