Capital City Mambo Sauce on the Information Age

February 15, 2013

We had the please of being interviewed by Silas Grant of The Information Age.

Arsha Jones and her husband Charles are natives of the D.C. area. Growing up, Mambo Sauce was a part of who they were. They moved to Annapolis after having kids, but were no longer able to find the sauce. Arsha would make the sauce for the kids and they loved it. One day she had a light bulb moment and said, “I wonder if I could bottle this and sell it?”

After being featured by the Washington Post and subsequently receiving thousands of orders, they realized that this could be something big. And it is well on its way to being just that!

Arsha was gracious enough to talk about the origins of Mambo Sauce, responding to the media exposure of their company, overcoming trials in business and her 30 second sales pitch to a major distributor.

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Capital City’s product should be referred to as Capital City™ mambo sauce. MUMBO is a federally registered trademark of Select Brands LLC.

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